Voices of the West

2014 Lariat Award for Voices of the West
2014 Lariat Award Winner Voices of the West
Voices of the West host Emil Franzi at the 2014 WWA meeting when the program was awarded the Spur Award.

The Passing of  a Legend

It is with deep sorrow I announce the passing of Emil Franzi, the host of the Voices of the West radio program. He moved on to another portion of the ranch on June 7.  He was my friend, colleague and mentor, and, I’m gonna miss him. Moreover, I’m going to miss our one-hour together talking about the Old West, the characters, the movies, the actors, the music and everything else that we did for a program. I will keep you posted on the future of the internet program. In the meantime, those wishing to offer condolences to Emil’s family can email me at voicesofthewest@gmail.com and I will provide you with the contact information. Thanks. Harry Alexander, Producer.