Howdy! Sit a spell with us. This is the Voices of the West, recipient of the 2014 Lariat Award from the Western Writers of America

2014 Lariat Award for Voices of the West
2014 Lariat Award Winner Voices of the West

Voices of the West is a long-running radio program that examines the Old West and its many characters–both good and bad. Host Emil Franzi, recipient of the 2014 Western Writers of America Lariat Award, many times wishes he could time travel back to the days of the Old West and meet up with the likes of the Earps, the Clantons, the Vails and others. He draws on his stable of guests like author Johnny Boggs to talk about the cowboys. Author Jerry Egan chimes in frequently to talk about hiking Apacheria. And, Green Valley News writer Scott Dyke joins Emil on a regular basis to talk about anything and everything concerning the Old West. For takes on music, former Nashville musician and music director John Komrada brings his expertise to the table.

At the end of each month, Emil and Friends sit around the radio campfire and talk about western movies, the actors, the scripts, and, the musical scores. Emil is usually joined by Todd Roberts,  retired Hollywood stuntman and actor Bunker De France, Michael F. Blake, Robert Nott,  Johnny Boggs, and John Komrada. Western author Cotton Smith was also a large part of the program until he passed away in 2015. Please see the News tab for more information. Lively discussions come up when the group tries tochoose a “best of” or “Top 10″ list of movies, movie scores, actors, directors, plots, or who was the best “bad guy.” The program also features interviews with those in the know in Hollywood and those familiar with the Western genre. Past guests have included Peter Ford, the son of the late Glenn Ford and Pam Marvin, the widow of Lee Marvin. Voices of the West has also talked with Old Tucson’s Bob Shelton to remember the great movies made at the famous movie set.

Our program remembers the history–fact or fiction, the legends–true or not, the people–native and settlers, and anything else dealing with the Old West. Our aim is to entertain as well as educate you–our listeners.

We are a group of people who are dedicated to preserving the memory of the Old West–be it the movies, the television shows, or the characters.