Voices of the West is a radio program originating from Tucson, AZ.

Any history about the Old West is fair game on this program from the people who lived here first to those who later settled the area. We also talk about the military campaigns and what went right and what went wrong with some of those campaigns. We also talk about the weapons of the day.

The program also features interviews with those in the know in Hollywood and those familiar with the Western genre. Past guests have included Wyatt McCrea, grandson of Joel McCrea, Peter Ford, the son of the late Glenn Ford and Pam Marvin, the widow of Lee Marvin, and Cindy Mitchum (daughter of John and niece of Robert). Voices of the West has also talked with Old Tucson’s Bob Shelton to remember the great movies made at the famous movie set.

The Lariat Award from the Western Writers of America

The program and Emil Franzi were honored in 2014 when the Western Writers of America named Voices of the West the winner of the Lariat Award. The award is presented to the person/entity that furthers the discussion of the Old West.

Voices of the West is also involved with the Empire Ranch Foundation. The Empire Ranch is a former cattle ranch located southeast of Tucson and its buildings are now on the National Registrar of Historic Places. The foundation holds a number of events throughout the year to raise money to continue the preservation of this important historical area. One of the annual events is the Empire Ranch Roundup. Click here for more information. The Empire Ranch has been the backdrop of many a Hollywood western. It also was the backdrop for the musical “Oklahoma!”

Cowboy Wisdom

Talkin’ don’t get it done. Doin’ gets it done!

Cowboy Chuckles, by Bunker de France

The best way to stay alive in Tombstone is to take the first stage east! – Trevor Bardette, Old Man Clanton on TV’s Wyatt Earp.


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Cowboy Poetry

Calling all cowboy poets! Send us your cowboy poems and we’ll read them on the Voices of the West every second Saturday of the month at 4pm MST! Send to voicesofthewest@gmail.com

Empire Ranch Roundup & Open House 2017 Invite

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