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Emil Franzi: A passionate historian

By Harry Alexander On Monday, July 10 there was a celebration of Emil Franzi’s life at a local club. More than 250 people–from both sides of the political aisle–came together to celebrate the late Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner. Franzi was also a student of the history of the Old West. That’s one of […]

Cowboy chuckles

By Steve “Bunker” de France A dude wanted to grow his own food, but they don’t sell bacon seeds down at the food store! **** The cow dog used to chase anyone passing the ranch on a bicycle. It got so bad they had take his bicycle away! **** “I swear I saw the truth […]

2015 Podcasts

After our website was hacked, we had to do some scrambling to get things put back together. One of the issues was podcasts. The entire 2015 podcast package has been updated year to date. In order to save space, we will only feature podcasts from the current year. If you have a program from 2008-2014 […]

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