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Cowboy chuckles

By Steve “Bunker” de France A dude wanted to grow his own food, but they don’t sell bacon seeds down at the food store! **** The cow dog used to chase anyone passing the ranch on a bicycle. It got so bad they had take his bicycle away! **** “I swear I saw the truth […]

‘Californio Lancers: The 1st Battalion of Native Cavalry in the Far West 1863-1866’ book review

  By Emil Franzi TOM PREZELSKI. Californio Lancers: The 1st Battalion of Native Cavalry in the Far West 1863-1866. University of Oklahoma Press. Cloth, $32.95, The story of the Hispanic volunteers first conscripted into being Americans. A whole lot of folks from Texas to California found themselves in the USA without having to immigrate […]

2015 Podcasts

After our website was hacked, we had to do some scrambling to get things put back together. One of the issues was podcasts. The entire 2015 podcast package has been updated year to date. In order to save space, we will only feature podcasts from the current year. If you have a program from 2008-2014 […]

‘Goin’ Crazy With Sam Peckinpah and All Our Friends,’ by Max Evans, as told to Robert Nott book review

Article appeared at the Southern Arizona News-Examiner: By W.K. Stratton Around the time of Sputnik and the advent of color TV, a new kind of Western novel began to appear. Here, pickups challenged the horse as cowboys and ranchers, shaped by a set of values from a different age, confronted a technology-driven upheaval of their […]

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