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Jane Candia Coleman: “Chief Joseph – Trail of Glory and Sorrow” book review

  By Jane Candia Coleman CHIEF JOSEPH; TRAIL OF GLORY AND SORROW By Ted Meyers   Hancock Publishers Ltd. Surrey, British Columbia – Blaine Washington ISBN  978-0-88839-743-7    EAN   0-88839-743-7 As a boy, Canadian writer and historian Ted Meyers became fascinated with the history and legends of the Northwest Native American tribes.  He discovered Chief Joseph of […]

Fred J. Eckert: ‘The New Trail of Tears: How Washington is Destroying American Indians’ book review

THE NEW TRAIL OF TEARS: HOW WASHINGTON IS DESTROYING AMERICAN INDIANS By Naomi Schaefer Riley Encounter Books, $23.99, 232 pages American Indians have the highest poverty rate of any racial group in the country. Think of any other category that any group should dread leading in – rape, child abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, crime, suicide […]

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