The Top 10 Best Lines From A Western

    The Big Country Poster

  • BIG COUNTRY (1958)

    Charles Bickford/Major Terrill: “If there’s anything I admire more than a friend, it’s a dedicated enemy.”

  • EL DORADO (1966)

    John Wayne/Cole Thornton: I’m looking for a tin star with a drunk pinned to it.”

  • HIDALGO (2004)

    Viggo Mortensen/Hopkins: “Mister, you can say anything you want about me. I’m going to have to ask you not to talk about my horse that way.”

  • HOMBRE (1962)

    Paul Newman/John Russell: “Hey, I got a question. Hou you planning to get down that hill?”

  • HONDO (1953)

    John Wayne/Hondo Lane: “Man ought to do what he thinks is best” PLUS “Everybody gets dead.”


    Carleton Young/Maxwell Scott: “No, sir, this is the west. when the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

  • RIO BRAVO (1959)

    John Wayne/John Chance: “It’d be pretty close. I’d hate to have to live on the difference.”

  • RIO GRANDE (1950)

    Ben Johnson/Sgt. Tyree: “Get it done, Johnny Reb” PLUS “Beans. Nobody ever tell the army that they grow beef around this part of the country?”

  • THE SEARCHERS (1956)

    John Wayne/Ethan Edwards: “That’ll be the day.”


    John Wayne/Captain Brittles: ” Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.”

    Victor McLaglen/Sgt. Quincannon: “Laddie, I’ve never gone peaceably anywhere in me life.”

Cowboy Wisdom

Talkin’ don’t get it done. Doin’ gets it done!

Cowboy Chuckles, by Bunker de France

The best way to stay alive in Tombstone is to take the first stage east! – Trevor Bardette, Old Man Clanton on TV’s Wyatt Earp.


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