The Top 10 Directors

    John Ford

  • John Ford
  • Bud Boettcher
  • Howard Hawks
  • Anthony Mann
  • John Sturges
  • Delmar Daves
    Sam Peckinpah
  • Henry Hathaway
    Sergio Leone
  • Burt Kennedy
  • William Wellman
  • Clint Eastwood
    Andrew McGlaglen
    Raoul Walsh
  • Simon Wincer
  • William Whitney
  • Archainbaud, English and Kane

Cowboy Wisdom

Talkin’ don’t get it done. Doin’ gets it done!

Cowboy Chuckles, by Bunker de France

The best way to stay alive in Tombstone is to take the first stage east! – Trevor Bardette, Old Man Clanton on TV’s Wyatt Earp.


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