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At the end of each month, Voices of the West hosts sit around the radio campfire and talk about western movies, the actors, the scripts, and, the musical scores. We are frequently joined by Hollywood Insider Todd Roberts, Hollywood Makeup Artist Michael F. Blake, Author Robert Nott, Musician John Komrada, and WWA author Johnny Boggs. Lively discussions come up when the group tries to choose a “best of” or “Top 10” list of movies, movie scores, actors, directors, plots, or who was the best “bad guy.”

The Magnificent Six’s Top Ten Lists

Cowboy Wisdom

Talkin’ don’t get it done. Doin’ gets it done!

Cowboy Chuckles, by Bunker de France

The best way to stay alive in Tombstone is to take the first stage east! – Trevor Bardette, Old Man Clanton on TV’s Wyatt Earp.


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Calling all cowboy poets! Send us your cowboy poems and we’ll read them on the Voices of the West every second Saturday of the month at 4pm MST! Send to

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