Retired marshal Buck Roberts (Buck Jones) has left law enforcement and is enjoying life on his northern Arizona ranch when he receives a telegram from Marshal Bat Madison (Jay Wilsey) requesting his aid in stopping a rash of stagecoach robberies near villain invested Mesa City, and off he goes asContinue Reading

Written by pulp writer William Colt MacDonald, this Tim McCoy Columbia Studios Western may have been the forerunner of McDonald’s later so popular The Three Mesqueteers. John Wayne, whose character is named, appropriately, Duke, and Wallace MacDonald (no relation to William Colt) play McCoy’s loyal ranch hands, and although theyContinue Reading

Rocky Alan Lane was a cowboy B-movie actor in the 1940s and 1950s. You may know him better as the voice of Mr. Ed in the television series “Mr. Ed.”Continue Reading

Lash LaRue was a cowboy B-movie actor. He started out playing second and third leads with the likes of Buck Jones. Eventually, the producers saw in Lash another B-movie star. Lash was known for his speedy and accurate whip he would use to disarm the bad guys. Lash’s movies wereContinue Reading

Cowboy B-actor Hoot Gibson is featured in this 1930s “graphic novel.” Many of the cowboy stars of that era had comic books, or as they’re called today, “graphic novels.” Most of the themes were based off movies of the featured comic book cowboy.Continue Reading