Cowboy chuckles

By Steve “Bunker” de France

A dude wanted to grow his own food, but they don’t sell bacon seeds down at the food store!


The cow dog used to chase anyone passing the ranch on a bicycle. It got so bad they had take his bicycle away!


“I swear I saw the truth in my empty glass of whiskey.”


A young ranch kid talked his folks into letting him drive the family to church in their new the buggy. After a hair-raising ride, they reached the church. The mother climbed out of the buggy and exclaimed “Thank You!”

“Anytime,” the young lad replied.

“I wasn’t talkin’ to you,” his mother said as she straightened her bonnet. “I was talking to God!”

Steve “Bunker” de France is a retired Hollywood cowboy actor and  stuntman who resides in Tucson, Ariz.