By Voices of the West

The largest “Round Up” of Professional Wild West Entertainers, that include World Champion Gun Spinner, “Johnny Hotshot”, Hollywood Stuntman Dr. Buck Montgomery and his award winning Professional Stuntmen and Actors, “The Wild Bunch”, Arizona’s Official Cowboy Horseman, Lee Anderson and his Wonder Horse “Concho, Old West Magician “Mysterioso” and daring Bullwhip Performer, Tom B., is just part of the lineup that guests will see at the event!

There will also be a gathering of Arizona’s Premier Old West Reenactment Groups, that include The Prescott Regulators & Their Shady Ladies, Tombstone’s Goose Flats Gunslingers, the Pioneer Gunfighter Association, Kitty’s Renegades, Superstition Mountain Regulators, and Gene “Ringo” Kurz! All of these groups, donating their time, and more, will be coming together to support a big Childhood Cancer Fundraiser that benefits the “Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation, along with a local 11 year old boy, “Deputy” Isaac, that is battling this very rare youth liver cancer.

Gather up your Posse of Family and Friends for two full days, April 13 and 14, 2019, daily, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and head over to Pioneer Living History Museum, 3901 W. Pioneer Road, Phoenix, Arizona, I-17 North, at the Pioneer Road Exit… and enjoy the biggest Wild West Event of 2019, while being a part of this wonderful cause! A portion of every ticket purchased goes directly to the “Foundation”! (Adults: $12, Seniors/Military $10, Kids 5-12 $5, Under 5 Free).

Beyond all the amazing, world class entertainment, there will be Classic Hollywood TV and Movie Celebrities to meet and rub shoulders with, such as, Neil Summers (one of the all time best Hollywood Stuntmen) Michael Dante (Bonanza, Kid Galahad with Elvis Presley), Actor and Artist, Mike Moroff (Scarface, La Bamba). But wait, there’s more! There will be a vast amount of Artisans, Crafters and Vendors galore on hand with handcrafted rare finds. Plus!…please know that a portion of the Vendor fees also go directly to the Foundation and “Deputy” Isaac! Along with all this “Best of The West” entertainment for such a Great Cause, guests will have the opportunity to bid on a wagon load of items daily during the “Silent Auction”, and will also get a chance to bid on some amazing “Live” auction items each day, that, as of press time, include “2” Custom Created Quilts, a “McClintock” Movie Replica Weathervane, Book Collections and more amazing items! 100% of Auction Proceeds go directly to the Foundation and “Deputy” Isaac.

We look forward to seeing your “Posse” at Pioneer Living History Museum, April 13 & 14, 2018 and supporting this great Childhood Cancer Benefit event… “The Great Gunslinger Round Up – Shoot’n For A Cure!”
For more info, email: Dr. Buck Montgomery – or call: 623-521-3856, Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation – 20 Horseneck Lane, 2nd Floor, Greenwich, CT 06830.


Isaac Marvin Overson, is a smart, personable, loving and caring boy, and was your typical 10 year old who loved playing soccer, camping with his family, inventing things, especially with LEGOs, and spending time with family and friends.

But, when Isaac was 10 1/2 years old, on June 12, 2018… his life would forever change dramatically. He was diagnosed with a VERY rare Liver Cancer, (Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma). He went through several months of Chemo and after multiple MRI’s/CT Scans there was absolutely “NO CHANGE” to the “Softball Size tumor. His only hope was for a transplant. Isaac has always been a happy child, who always sees things for the positive. When the first scan came back and all of the adults were upset that the tumor did not shrink, Isaac’s comment was, “WOW”, this is great news…… It didn’t grow!” Isaac has taught everyone around him what it means to trust in God. He is truly an inspiration to all of us and everyone that meets him!

After several months of talking to different doctors and hospitals throughout the United States and having them review Isaac’s case, they all informed Craig and Krystal (Isaac’s parents) that there was nothing they could do for Isaac. In December 2018 Craig finally found a doctor that was willing to consider Isaac’s case. After 2 trips to New York, Dr. Tomoaki Kato and his team from NY Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University, made the decision to accept their case and move forward with a Living Donor Liver Transplant.


On January 15, 2019, at NY Presbyterian Hospital/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and NY Presbyterian Weill Cornell Hospital, Isaac received a new liver from his father. Two separate teams, at two different hospitals operated on Craig and Isaac simultaneously. Craig was released after 5 days and was finally able to go see his son at Morgan Stanley hospital. To say the least, it was a very emotional reunion. Isaac was in the hospital for an additional 5 days. They returned home to Phoenix, over a month later, on February 25th. The doctors believe they removed all of the cancer but will continue to monitor him weekly. He now has a liver team in Phoenix that will do his blood work and report back to his New York doctors. Isaac will return to New York every 3 months for further study.

The Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation is the foundation that led Craig to Dr Kato. This is a very rare disease and has only really had studies done since 2008 when a young man contracted Fibrolamellar himself and decided he wanted to find a cure. He was unable to complete his dream, but his parents have continued on. 100% of all donations go to directly to research, in hopes to find out what causes this Childhood Cancer Disease, to one day find a cure for it.