Welcome to Emil Franzi’s Voices of the West! Our program and website exist to preserve the culture of the Old West. Franzi started this program back in the mid-2000s because of his love of all history–particularly of the Old West. Emil has since passed, but we continue to honor his memory with discussions about the Old West with our live stream broadcast every Saturday afternoon at 4pm Mountain Standard Time on this website.

The Old West was one of those unique times in American history that saw a mass migration from the east to the west to explore the new lands. Towns and communities sprang up virtually overnight. Some continued, others faded away. It was a hard life on the frontier. That was the 1800s.

On our podcast we talk with the folks who also want to preserve the Old West culture —  the writers, the movie makers, the historians, the painters, the musical artists, the ranchers and so much more.