Franzi and Bunker De France talk with Candy Moulton, the Executive Director of the Western Writers of America about the up-coming book fair coming to Tucson in March and the western genre authors who will attend. Later in the program, the guys talk with Bobbie Young, the Administrator of theContinue Reading

By SoAzNewsX What is a Cowboy Christmas? It is celebrated essentially at the end of a cattle drive or a rodeo. At the Empire Ranch this year, Cowboy Christmas was a bit different celebration. The event opened up the historic Empire Ranch to the public who got to see the EmpireContinue Reading

By Harry Alexander If you weren’t able to attend the 16th Annual Empire Ranch Roundup & Open House on Sat. Nov. 5, you missed out on a rip-roaring good ol’ cowboy time! The Empire Ranch is located southeast of Tucson and served as a backdrop for a number of famousContinue Reading

  On today’s broadcast, a recap of the Empire Ranch Foundation movie, “Westward the Women,” starring Robert Taylor. The movie was shown at the Loft Theatre in Tucson and tells the story of a wagon train captain who takes nearly 100 women across the prairies and mountains of the westContinue Reading

  First part of the show Franzi and Bunker De France talk with folks from the Empire Ranch Foundation and Tucson Steam Punk to promote the Empire Ranch Foundation event on Jan. 30 at the Savoy Opera House in Tucson. Then, Arizona’s western film historian Charlie LaSeuer phones in toContinue Reading

Retired Hollywood stuntman Bunker De France joins Franzi in studio to talk about the just-concluded Empire Ranch Roundup & Open House. Plus, they bring up a number of other cowboy subjects.

Retired Hollywood stuntman Bunker De France is in studio. On the phone is Empire Ranch Foundation board member John Komrada and Steven Boice. They talk about upcoming Empire Ranch events.

Franzi starts out the program with the sad note of the passing of Western author Cotton Smith. Smith had been part of Voices of the West since its inception. Joining Franzi in studio is Bunker De France, retired Hollywood stuntman and cowboy. They do a recap of an Empire RanchContinue Reading

Retired Hollywood stuntman and cowboy Bunker De France co-hosts with Franzi for the show. Their guest is author Miles Swarthout. They preview the Empire Ranch Foundation movie, “The Shootist,” starring John Wayne. Miles father, Glendon, wrote the novel which was then turned into the screenplay by Miles.

Retired Hollywood stuntman and cowboy actor Bunker De France is in studio with Franzi.  They preview the Empire Ranch Foundation movie “The Shootist” with John Wayne.