It’s Movie Time. It got moved because of the panelists availability. They include: In studio with Franzi–former Hollywood stuntman Bunker de France. On the phone is western authors Johnny Boggs and Robert Nott. From Hollywood, it’s insider Todd Roberts. The topic is the westerns of Gregory Peck.

Western authors Johnny Boggs and Robert Nott join Franzi by phone to talk about the Westerns of director Anthony Mann. Also joining them in studio is former Hollywood stuntman and cowboy Bunker De France.

Franzi talks more this show about his late friend Cotton Smith. Joining Franzi are western authors Johnny Boggs and Candy Moulton.

Franzi talks with a number of western authors via telephone who are at the Tucson Festival of Books event. Among the authors:  Sherry Monahan, Doug Hocking, and Johnny Boggs.