Retired Hollywood stuntman and cowboy Bunker De France co-hosts with Franzi for the show. Their guest is author Miles Swarthout. They preview the Empire Ranch Foundation movie, “The Shootist,” starring John Wayne. Miles father, Glendon, wrote the novel which was then turned into the screenplay by Miles.Continue Reading

Retired Hollywood stuntman and cowboy actor Bunker De France is in studio with Franzi.  They preview the Empire Ranch Foundation movie “The Shootist” with John Wayne.  Continue Reading

  It’s a discussion about the Cowboy. Joining Franzi in the studio is retired Hollywood stuntman and cowboy actor Bunker De France. On the phone is Hollywood insider Todd Roberts and New Mexico author Robert Nott.Continue Reading

  Western author Nancy Plain joins Franzi for the hour. She’s a three-time Spur Award winner from the Western Writers Association. Her latest book is about John James Audobon and his art. The book, “The Strange Wilderness,” is available at Continue Reading

  Author J.D. March phones in from Tombstone and the O.K. Corral where she was doing a book signing. March is from England and is a western author. Adventurer and journalist J.D. March has tracked leopards in the Masai Mara, skied competitively, ridden to hounds, paddled dugout canoes on theContinue Reading

  Franzi is at the Western Writers of America conference. Sitting in for him  are as pair of cowboys: KVOI Host Joe Dreyfuss and former Hollywood stuntman Bunker de France. Also, calling in from Hollywood is insider Todd Roberts. The conversation revolves around the Earps.Continue Reading

  Franzi talks about the popularity of the History Channel mini series “Texas Rising.” With a viewership of 20 million, could this mean the Western is back? Also, a couple of book reviews from authors who will be at the WWA convention June 27. And, more of the western-themed musicContinue Reading

  A really interesting hour. Joining Franzi is Hiking Apacheria’s Jerry Eagan and Brian Huberman. Brian is a film maker and working on a documentary about Geronimo.Continue Reading

  Sherry Monahan, the president of the Western Writers of America, joins Franzi for the hour. They talk about the up-coming WWA convention at Lubbock, TX later this month. Sherry also has a new book coming out in August about cowboy cooking.Continue Reading