Emil Franzi is out on sick call. Subbing for him are two real live cowboys–retired Hollywood stuntman Bunker de France and rancher Joe Dreyfuss.Continue Reading

  A neat show this hour! Everyone remembers DeForest Kelley as “Bones” McCoy on StarTrek. Did you know the before the sci-fi series hit television, he was in 89 westerns? They ranged from movies to television westerns. Author Kris Smith joins Franzi and retired Hollywood stuntman Bunker de France toContinue Reading

  On today’s broadcast, a recap of the Empire Ranch Foundation movie, “Westward the Women,” starring Robert Taylor. The movie was shown at the Loft Theatre in Tucson and tells the story of a wagon train captain who takes nearly 100 women across the prairies and mountains of the westContinue Reading

  A great show to start off August. Franzi talks with Hiking Apacheria’s Jerry Eagan. Jerry writes for a New Mexico newspaper about his treks into the lands where the Apache once roamed. Also in studio is Bunker de France, retired Hollywood stuntman and a real cowboy.Continue Reading

  It’s the end of the month show and instead of talking about the actors of the westerns, it’s talk about the Singing Cowboys. Way too man of them to get into one hour, so there’ll be another show coming up soon to wrap them up. Joining Franzi in theContinue Reading

  On today’s program, Franzi brings more music education for our listeners by talking about and playing music of the great Western genre composers.Continue Reading

  Franzi offers up his reading choices for listeners wanting to learn more about the Indian tribes of the Old West–who they were, how they were organized and how they survived.Continue Reading