By Voices of the West The largest “Round Up” of Professional Wild West Entertainers, that include World Champion Gun Spinner, “Johnny Hotshot”, Hollywood Stuntman Dr. Buck Montgomery and his award winning Professional Stuntmen and Actors, “The Wild Bunch”, Arizona’s Official Cowboy Horseman, Lee Anderson and his Wonder Horse “Concho, OldContinue Reading

From The Westerner Blog It’s one of the most complicated stories to come from Santa Fe’s 400-year-old Palace of the Governors. Don Pedro Villasur, commander-in-chief of the Spanish forces of the then-Spanish colony of New Mexico in 1720, was chosen to lead an expedition northeast into what is now Nebraska. AssignedContinue Reading

From The Westerner Blog Native Americans may have kept a breeding colony of scarlet macaws in the American Southwest starting more than 1,000 years ago, a new study finds. The birds were raised for their colorful plumage hundreds of miles from their native jungles. With their brilliant red, yellow andContinue Reading

By Harry Alexander Bunker de France, co-host of Emil Franzi’s Voices of the West internet radio program was featured in the Summer edition of Western Way Magazine. The article covered his career as a Hollywood stuntman and cowboy. Click on the link and scroll down to the article titled “ManContinue Reading

By Scott Dyke History has granted Wyatt Earp a mantle of notoriety that places him among the pantheon of the West’s greatest lawmen. Of course, history is often skewed. Even Wyatt did not identify himself as a peace officer by trade. Rather, he would have appreciated being known as aContinue Reading

By Scott Dyke / Green Valley News When you buy a property, there is a title search, seeking the history, and if there are no liens or questions, title insurance is purchased from an insurance company to protect your investment. Buyers (through the insurers) feel comfortable that they are protectedContinue Reading

By SoAzNewsX It’s rodeo time in Tucson! The Fiesta de las Vaqueros celebration gets underway on Sat. Feb. 17 at the Tucson Rodeo Grounds on South 6th Avenue with more than 450 amateur riders and professionals from around the U.S. and Canada. “The entry list for Tucson could be theContinue Reading